The Eclectics

The Eclectics line of wines shines with the diverse nuances of Western Sicily, a direct reflection of the wisdom passed down through generations who have always cherished Sicilian viticulture. Consisting of seven labels, these wines offer fruity, fragrant, and delicate aromas found in Grico, Zolì, Bibbo, Frappo, Nebacco, Frappe, and Sirà. Emblematic of the fertility of the Trapani hills and the winery’s dedication to quality production, these wines deliver balanced whites and reds, perfect for various occasions, from business meals to gatherings with friends.



Another gem of Caruso & Minini winery: Grico is an orange floral wine with a sage and fruity bouquet characterised by a fresh and joyful character. The harmony of this wine stands out just at the moment of manual harvest. Over the winemaking process grapes undergo a sudden decrease in temperature followed by a soft pressing of the whole bunch and fermentation at a controlled temperature of 16-18°C for 20 days. After 4 months of steel aging, the wine is bottled. An intense, fragrant wine with golden hues, the ideal choice for fine dishes with strong flavours.


Nero d’avola

The “Nebacco” is a wine does not require any introduction. This red wine comes from the Sicilian native vine grapes of Nero d’Avola, The prince of Sicilian viticulture and winemaking. Absolute didication is at the base of Nebacco production just starting from the hand harvesting in the last part of September. Maceration, fermentation and Malolactic fermentation in steel tanks are carried out with attention. The wine ages 30% in 225 lt barrique for 4 months and 70% in steel.



Caruso & Minini’s Zolì authentically discloses all the aromatic and pleasant notes of Inzolia, a typical Sicilian vine. Inzolia winegrowing requires attentiton in every single production step, starting with grape harvest and paying attention to the aromatic concentration. ( The hand harvesting starts in the first part of September). The grape cryomaceration takes place in steel fermenters at controlled temperature of 4°C for 4-12 hours, followed by a maturation sur lies for 4 months, filtration, stabilization and, finally, bottling. The final result is a lively wine standing out thanks to the freshness recalling pleasant Mediterranean notes.


Frappato/Nerello mascalese

Elegance and minerality are the distinctive features of Frappello, the legacy of two vines in a unique land: the Marsala hinterland. The expert hand harvesting of Frappato and Nerello Mascalese is carried out among the lights and scents of the rolling hills surrounding the Salemi area. The winemaking continues in the cellar with maceration and fermentation, at 25°C for 15-20 days in steel tanks involving the malolactic fermentation as well. The wine ages partly in 225 liter barriques for 4 months, the rest for 8 months in steel tanks. A fresh and generous red wine, with spicy notes, suitable for being paired with both meat and fish dishes.


Frappato Rosé

The fruity, intense and organic Frappo is the pride of Caruso & Minini’s high quality production. This wine comes from the Marsala hinterland, after a careful grape selection over the grape harvest taking place between September and October. Once in the winery, grapes undergo 8 hours of maceration process at 10°C, followed by must fermentation at controlled temperature. Fresh, lively Frappo is defined by strawberry and cherry flavours with a subtle acidity, creating a sophisticated blend of modernity and classic taste. The label’s vibrant colors featuring a pink flamingo add an extra layer of charm. This bird is a symbol of the natural reserve of Stagnone.



Caruso & Minini’s “Sirà” is a noble wine because of its color and taste. This pure Syrah wine can be considered as a persuasive synthesis of the western coast of Sicily, where this international vine is cultivated with tireless dedication since years. The intriguing personality of Sirà comes to life at the moment of hand harvesting, through a careful selection of the grapes. Maceration and fermentation take 15-20 days in steel tanks at controlled temperature of 25°C.
After the malolactic fermentation in steel tanks, the wine ages in 500 liter tonneaux for about 4 months. Finally, Sirà finds its natural balance in steel tanks for another 8 months. Fruity, spicy, enveloping red wine which surprises and conquers at every sip.



Caruso & Minini’Bibbo stands out thanks to a sweet and enveloping bouquet. Zibibbo is an aromatic grape variety deeply connected to Sicily. The natural beauty of this vine comes up at the moment of the harvest which is carried out with scrupulous care between August and September. The cryomaceration takes place in stainless steel fermenters at controlled temperature of 4°C for 12-24 hours. Just after it is the time for fermentation, 3 months of aging in steel tanks and subsequently 2 months in the bottle. An intense and elegant white suitable for aperitifs and vegetarian dishes, ideal white wine for an unparalleled taste experience.