Meditation Wines

You should never deprive yourself of life’s pleasures, such as Caruso & Minini’s meditation wines, which are particularly sweet, elegant, and never cloying. Grillo’s Marsala Superiore Riserva and Tagòs Late Harvest are akin to a soulful breath, an encounter with oneself that fills the space. Hailing from the Trapani hills, Marsala Superiore Riserva and Tagòs are the authentic expressions of a “beautiful and windy” land, where generations of winemakers passionately tend to vast vineyards. It’s a tradition that continues with a focus on sustainability and the future.


Marsala superiore riserva

Caruso & Minini’s Marsala Superiore is considered as a “local pride” able to release wonderful sensations to the palate, thanks to its warm and enveloping flavours. According to the bicentenary tradition, we have been creating a wine with worldwide resonance, the result of tireless work on the typical red soils of the Salemi area, a land kissed by the sun. A wine characterised by unmistakable organoleptic features, the union of two local vines, Grillo and Catarratto. This Marsala Superiore comes from more than 5 years of maturation in small Slavonian oak or cherry barrels followed by a futher aging in the bottle for at least three months. An iconic, delicate wine, excellent sip to pair with aperitifs and desserts.


Vendemmia tardiva di Grillo

“Tagòs” by Caruso & Minini showes golden and elegant nuances, a pleasant surprise of the Sicilian winemaking tradition to be sipped at the end of the meal. The late harvest is the key to understand an enveloping white wine produced with grapes from the Grillo vine which bunches are hand harvested after a natural drying on the plant. In the cellar we carry out a manual destemming, low temperature maceration, up to fermentation in tonneaux. Once reached the ideal alcohol content, new thermal conditions are set in order to stop the fermentation, allowing a rest of the wine in steel tanks before bottling. An intense, unique wine with notes of honey, cinnamon and officinal herbs.