Let’s make our land travel


An immensity of colours between sky and earth, between sun and moon.
For four generations we have cared for the vineyard, the wines of Caruso & Minini tell a story that reflects the symbiotic relationship between nature and the winemaker. Each sip is a hymn to the unique qualities that the terroir bestows on our vines grown on the hills of Trapani.


At Caruso & Minini, we believe that our family roots and winemaking traditions are the basis of our exceptional wines.


The Collections

The best combination of vine, climate and soil results in quality labels that are synonymous with contemporary drinking and of which the company is a spokesman in more than 40 countries around the world.


Caruso & Minini believes in the strength of human relationships, perfect witnesses to the marriage of food and wine. In fact, the modern and elegant style of its labels will be the backdrop to various food and wine itineraries, made up of professional tastings and sophisticated pairings. Each experience is inspired by the values of a land with a millenary history, naturally suited to the cultivation of vines; in the Trapani area, the fourth generation of the company aims to give new horizons by promoting an increasingly contemporary drinking style, close to the people.