The “Tasari” line captures the fresh Mediterranean scents of the island, featuring both a white and a red wine that authentically reflect a tradition passed down through generations. Hailing from the vineyards of the Trapani hinterland, Tasari Bianco and Tasari Rosso showcase the finest grapes cultivated in Western Sicily, embodying a blend of sun and wind that characterizes their simplicity and purity, while consistently maintaining high quality. Tasari Bianco and Tasari Rosso are the perfect wine choices to accompany any moment throughout the day.

Tasari bianco

Caruso & Minini’s Tasari Bianco is a fresh, floral delicately balanced wine, a slightly briny white resulted by the sea breeze blowing over Trapani hills. The harvest begins at the end of August. The wine undergoes cryomaceration for about 4 hours, followed by a thermo-controlled vinification of the must at 16°-18°C in steel tanks. Finally, the wine ages 3-month in steel tanks. Tasari Bianco is a versatile wine, a real surprising sip for every occasion.

Tasari rosso

Intense, bright red wine with notes of licorice: sipping on a Tasari Rosso glass by Caruso & Minini is a multisensory journey through the scents of Sicily. The blend of different remarkable grape varieties offers a harmonious deep ruby red color wine. The grapes are fermented in steel tanks for 12 days at 26-28°C; on the other hand the malolactic fermentation occurs in steel tanks. The wine ages around three months in steel tanks. A classic blend, never dull, with a velvety and persistent flavor.