The Cosmopolitans

This line symbolizes the perfect balance among flavors, the result of generations of meticulous work spanning four generations. The Sciantone Chardonnay and the Cabignon Cabernet Sauvignon are delightful wines that narrate the winery’s journey, blending a modern approach with tradition. Cultivated with care, these two international grape varieties flourish in the Trapani hinterland, fully capturing the essence of the hills’ breeze and the sea’s scent. Ideal for unconventional food pairings, these wines offer elegant and enveloping experiences that delight the palate.



Caruso & Minini’Sciantone is a 100% pure Chardonnay wine towering above elegance and aroma. The perfect moment for harvest is the second week of August, when grapes reach a full level of ripeness. The cryomaceration comes about in stainless steel tanks for approximately 4/12 hours, followed by a soft grape pressing and six-week maturation step in American oak barriques, to conclude with bottling. A fresh and complex white wine, with intense aromas, generous on the nose and suitable for food&wine pairings.


Cabernet sauvignon

Dry, full-bodied wine, with a rich and complex taste. Caruso & Minini’s Cabignon represents the entire amount of nuances of an authentic and constantly evolving land. After a hand harvesting taking place in the last part of September, grapes are delicately destemmed and left to macerate in stainless steel tanks at 25°C, to confere the typical ruby red color to the wine. We continue with the malolactic fermentation and, finally, with the maturation process: 50% in 225 liter French oak barriques for 8 months, the remaining 50% in American oak barriques for 8 months. The result is a wide-ranging wine, with spicy and elegant flavours.