Nino Gran Cru


The iconic wine of Caruso & Minini winery, the symbol of a project of love, respect for the land and passion for the local wine culture; a great red wine that embodies all the values handed down by grandfather Nino to his sons Stefano, Francesco and Roberto, and then, passed down to his grandchildren. Nino Gran Crù is the result of careful selective hand harvesting in the vineyard, within a high hilly area in the Trapani hinterland. 2 Different grape harvests which the first one takes place in September to best preserve the organoleptic profile of the grapes with a subsequent passage in the fruit cellar for gradual drying. The second grape harvest occurs at the beginning of October after a natural drying of the bunches on the overripe plant. With different percentages, this practice is adopted on a selection of the best black grapes giving life to this iconic wine of the Caruso family. The work in the cellar followes a slow process of maceration and fermentation at controlled temperature for each single variety (about a month per each); once the malolactic fermentation is completed, a light pressing is carried out. Nino Gran Crù stands out for its complex and distinctive elegance due to fine tannins. On the palate, this red wine is characterized by a light sweetness thanks to the overripe grapes and by the maturation process carried out in French wooden tonneaux (four years) and another 12 months spent in the bottle before marketing. An emotion to be experienced and savored on special occasions.


Terre siciliane IGP

Tasting notes


Intense dark red color with garnet hues


Fruity hints of undergrowth and ripe cherries mixed with aromatic herbs and tertiary aromas of chocolate and tobacco.


Dry, full-bodied, slightly sweet on the palate. Soft and round tannins, long and persistent finish.


How to taste

Food match

Venison, beef but also vegetables and mature cheese.

Proper glass

Bordeaux glass.

Serving temperature



Winemaking data


15% Vol.

Winemaking process

2 manual grape harvests. The first grape harvest is carried out in the middle of September, the second one occurs in the beginning of October with a particular attention to the selection of natural dried bunches left on the plant. The grapes are then blended in a single steel vat where a very slow maceration and fermentation begins, lasting over a month. Only after the malolactic fermentation we carry out a soft pressing.


4 years in French and American wooden tonneaux, with a further 12 months in bottle stored in a strictly horizontal position.

Wine life

15/20 years.

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Nino Gran Cru


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